Equine Empowerment of Aisling Ranch: Making a Difference with Megan

“Find joy in your life, find joy in your horse, let your horse find its joy in you”

WHO: Megan (M.A., LPC) has been a lifelong student of horsemanship & classical training principles in developing the horse in hand & under saddle as well as focusing on a balanced seat approach for rider that is biomechanically sound for horse & rider. Megan weaves both her clinical skills & techniques into her coaching style to draw out positive personal growth of both horses & riders.

Megan’s system of “embodiment” training & teaching culminates from years of developed & honed natural & classical horsemanship approaches in hand, on the line, & under saddle. Megan combines her years of horse knowledge with her skill set as a Licensed Professional Counselor to create connection & better understanding of oneself & others as a basis for positive & progressive growth.

WHAT: Clinics provide an emphasis on understanding basic horse & human biomechanics & emotional regulation of the horse & handler through understanding communication styles & patterns. Focus is on educating horse and handler building healthy boundaries.

WHY: to optimize you AND your horses potential whether you are a beginner rider or Grand Prix/Masters level rider. It’s all about the journey of best to better in every moment.

HOW: Learn training tools & exercises for both horse & rider on the ground and under saddle that help develop mental, emotional & physical balance & flexibility leading to a horse & rider team that feels empowered intrinsically & extrinsically.

Professional Equine Photography with Samantha Dawn

“Reminding people Where, When, and Why they fell in love with The Horse”


“Samantha Dawn” Ebeling is an award winning and multi-published Equine Photographer from Kansas, USA. Horses are the absolute most core of Samantha's life...day in and day out. She relates to her clients and followers by also being that “weird kid” in school who grew up obsessed with horses, she often claims horses were “in her DNA.”
Samantha has spent years around horses from training her own, riding under trainers, and studying horses...she claims this is the absolute ultimate tool she has in her arsenal for being able to read a horse's body language and properly photograph them correctly while maintaining a level of art and emotion. Horses have long been the center and subjects of ART for centuries, something that Samantha wants to convey through her photography. Samantha want's her clients and followers to connect and feel emotion from every horse photo she takes. Feel the soul through the eyes of the Artist, their power, and their strength. The multiple things that have made them art for hundreds of years. Samantha would love to see your horse be a part of her ART.  These are the things that Samantha brings to her art and believes sets her apart from the rest of the photography world. Click for more tour schedule info.