"I have been training with Megan Kenney for over 2 years.
She has been training 2 of my horses with classical principles and horseman ship in mind.
Megan has giving me riding lessons with the focus on human biomechanics, individualized training and rider confidence.
I can highly recommend Aisling Ranch for you and your horse."

-Claudia Grimnes

Our family found Aisling Ranch and Megan in the spring of 2020.  We were looking for training for our horse Duke, and an instructor for my 11 year old, who had been taking lessons at a different barn.  We were feeling discouraged about horsekeeping practices that we had seen before, and felt that there had to be a better option for instruction for Amelia.   A little over a year later and Megan has gained another client in our 9 year old as well, and has somehow managed to get every other member of our family on horseback too at one time or another!  Our horse, Duke, underwent 4 months of dedicated, personalized training before Amelia was able to begin riding him again.  Megan intuited so many of Duke's past and present issues and worked with him to overcome many of his problems in a gentle, effective manner.  A few months afterwards and Duke was back in competition, but this time his body and mind were much healthier and happier.  Megan's exercise and turnout routines, in addition to a forage based diet and regular socialization time, made a tremendous difference in our horse.  She truly treats the whole horse-mind, body and spirit.  
Amelia and her sister have been taking regular lessons and have had the benefit of Megan's instruction, in addition to the experience of getting to ride many different horses trained by Megan.  They have become better, more well rounded riders who know how to not just ride properly, but have a healthy relationship and appreciation for their equine friends.  They have benefitted tremendously by observing Megan's horsekeeping practices, barn management, and the intense and special bond she has with her horses.  
~Stevi Avery

My daughter (11yrs. old) and I were introduced to Megan through a mutual friend.  We had the pleasure of visiting Aisling Ranch in August and my daughter (Morgan) fell in love.  Megan had only seen videos and heard about Morgan's equine experience through our mutual friend, and after 3 days (about 10 hours) of training, my daughter didn't want to leave. Morgan is a younger rider, who has 3 years of English riding and eventing experience. She has been training her 6 year old Appaloosa at home in NH for a year and a half.  Megan's instruction and lessons were very well planned to help my daughter practice her English riding, while adding elements of equitation and dressage.  Morgan was able to focus on her relationship with the horse and feeling the horse, while respecting the horse while she rides.  Morgan was able to ride four different horses and experience a true opportunity that she wouldn't have been able to at home.   Megan's ability to teach and integrate the lessons with fun and positive reinforcements for the rider was great to watch as a mom of a young equestrian.  Megan and Morgan worked well together and Morgan learned so much from each horse she rode.  We look forward to our next visit to Aisling Ranch and training with Megan!

​-Amy Gannett

"Megan has helped our family in so many ways! I've been riding for years, but now try to balance horses with a hectic schedule.  My kids are eager beginners who love horses but need to build their confidence.  Megan had been incredible about meeting each of us where we're at.  My 7 year old, my 11 year sold, and I have all benefited from working with Megan. Her teaching style is accessible and effective, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.  Our horses have also seen huge improvements! They are calmer, more balanced, and much happier in their relationships with us. Megan is helping us bring out the best in our whole family. We love Aisling Ranch!"

-Jamie Whitney

Client Reviews

We want to take a moment to extend our gratitude to all of our clients. Without you, knowledge cannot be shared and passed on. Whether you've come once or are a regular fixture, we feel blessed to share space with you.

Working with Megan has introduced a system to me which is designed to develop a lifetime
relationship with my horse. A system which promotes a bond of mutual respect and
understanding between two very different species of beings.
It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that the horse is able to carry us on their back
without doing him harm. This can only be done with the riders’ understanding of how to train the
horse in a way that allows him to relax and strengthen. This is our responsibility to the horse.
It has been my experience that Megan has a unique gift to work with both the horse and it’s
human to bring about this very awesome partnership.

-Darlene Symons

"We met Megan a couple years ago when we first moved to Texas after purchasing a Gypsian colt. The colt was quite a handful and was at time nicknamed Lucifer by our vet. Our farrier had recommended Megan to us so we contacted her before our colt got any bad habits.  We wanted to make sure he was started on ground correctly as it will lay out his future. What we love about Megan is that she teaches us at same time shes working with Phantom.  We go away understanding how and why she is doing what shes doing. When he came home in winter after his first 6 months with Megan, he was a new horse.  He was calm, had manners, more balanced, walked on lead with you, communication was much easier, etc.  we were thrilled!!
We continued working with him at home until he returned again on his 3rd birthday. We knew we wanted him to pull a buggy so Megan gave him a refresher, then started on ground driving and light under saddle work. This boy is a rock star! Well, its all because of what Megan instilled in him as a youngster.  He is so smart and so sweet and is very willing and tries so hard. 4 months later he is ground driving thru obstacles, backing up, and is lightly being ridden under saddle in prep for next year. We don’t know how he would have turned out if it weren’t for Megan and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts!!"

-Brandon and Carla Clark