Pewter Lifetime Achievement Award in Working Equitation

Megan notably works with horses and humans of all ages and abilities at Aisling Ranch, LLC. She graduated in 2014 from UMHB with her master's in clinical mental health and is an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) within the state of Texas where she spent several years working with diverse populations while developing and establishing her Equine Business. She has been working with horses from a young age and has been training horses since she was 16 years old. She has interned and worked under several top trainers and notable clinicians in a variety of disciplines from breed showing to natural horsemanship to the art of Classical dressage. Over the years she has honed her theoretical models of schooling the horse and educating riders using a "Best to Better" approach of conceptualizing through synthesizing and applying her years of clinical training and trauma-based focus techniques. She approaches this in combining it with biomechanically sound exercises that develop emotional regulation and proprioperception while increasing a horse's flexibility and strength emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually. She also focuses on body mechanics of the rider for sound and balanced seat riding practices. She has a love of continuing education and knowledge and sharing that with others. She is a USDF & Working Equitation member and frequently participates in training and clinics of notable and successful horsemen and women. Of Notable influence in her biomechanical and classical approaches are Manolo Mendez, the late Mark Russell of Natural Dressage who was one of the few to study under Master Nuno Oliveira, Karin Miles of Movement Alive, and Jillian Kreinbring (JK Inspired), a worldly educator in biomechanics of the horse and student of Manolo Mendez and Mark Russell.​

Working Student: Amelia Avery

Amelia has been riding with us since 2020 and has gladly and competently stepped into the role of being our current working student and the youngest we've ever accepted. Our working student program encourages leadership in horse training, breeding and competing practices and developing a continual understanding of business know-hows. She will be a hand in training and developing horses through our program and learning effective instruction strategies to coach alongside Megan. She is already considered an asset to us here on the farm so we are very excited to have her on board with us as a working student. We are very thankful for Trista Lutz of Catalyst Hoof Care for sponsoring her through her endeavors. 

Megan Kenney (Owner/Head Trainer)


USDF Bronze medalist