Training & Lessons

We offer full board training only and lessons on our horses or trailer ins with your own horse(s) are welcome (current coggins and vaccinations required). We work with horses of all ages and discipline back grounds and riders of all ages and abilities. We offer developmentally appopriate foal training as well that focuses on building a strong foundation to build a foals confidence and mental, emotional and physical flexibility.

​Our training here hones the emotional regulation abilities of the horse and entails educating theory, elements, and tools of developing a horse using in the art of dressage through posture work for both horse and rider in hand and under saddle. Posture work entails creating awareness for the horse of their own body and feet while also increasing suppleness and strength to develop the horse into proper self carriage along with maintaining relaxation emotionally, mentally, and physically through gymnastics. An open mind and willingness of the rider/handler is also necessary to create awareness and develop in the same educative manner that is to be required of the horse to effectively and clearly build a partnership based on trust of body, mind and spirit.  

Full Board Training:

We offer full board training only due to a limited number of slots. please inquire to be put on our waitlist and current pricing. 

Training board includes: feed, hay, 24/7 access to turnout/shelter/stall, de-worming, and training 3-7 days a week and handled daily.

Farrier, vet, & supplements are an additional fee.

Lessons: Megan does lessons on farm using her horses, trailer ins welcome and is occasionally available for travel. Please inquire for lesson prices and availability.

CLINICS: Megan is now scheduling private lesson clinics for 2022. Please email us at: for further information and availability

***we accept check, cash and offer Clover Pay***

"Megan has helped our family in so many ways! I've been riding for years, but now try to balance horses with a hectic schedule.  My kids are eager beginners who love horses but need to build their confidence.  Megan had been incredible about meeting each of us where we're at.  My 7 year old, my 11 year sold, and I have all benefited from working with Megan. Her teaching style is accessible and effective, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.  Our horses have also seen huge improvements! They are calmer, more balanced, and much happier in their relationships with us. Megan is helping us bring out the best in our whole family. We love Aisling Ranch!"
-Jamie Whitney

"We met Megan a couple years ago when we first moved to Texas after purchasing a Gypsian colt. The colt was quite a handful and was at time nicknamed Lucifer by our vet. Our farrier had recommended Megan to us so we contacted her before our colt got any bad habits.  We wanted to make sure he was started on ground correctly as it will lay out his future. What we love about Megan is that she teaches us at same time shes working with Phantom.  We go away understanding how and why she is doing what shes doing. When he came home in winter after his first 6 months with Megan, he was a new horse.  He was calm, had manners, more balanced, walked on lead with you, communication was much easier, etc.  we were thrilled!!
We continued working with him at home until he returned again on his 3rd birthday. We knew we wanted him to pull a buggy so Megan gave him a refresher, then started on ground driving and light under saddle work. This boy is a rock star! Well, its all because of what Megan instilled in him as a youngster.  He is so smart and so sweet and is very willing and tries so hard. 4 months later he is ground driving thru obstacles, backing up, and is lightly being ridden under saddle in prep for next year. We don’t know how he would have turned out if it weren’t for Megan and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts!!"

-Brandon and Carla Clark

Client Reviews

"I have been training with Megan Kenney for over 2 years.
She has been training 2 of my horses with classical principles and horseman ship in mind.
Megan has giving me riding lessons with the focus on human biomechanics, individualized training and rider confidence.
I can highly recommend Aisling Ranch for you and your horse."
-Claudia Grimnes