Training & Lessons

We offer full board training only and lessons on our horses or trailer ins with your own horse(s) are welcome (current Coggins and vaccinations required). We work with horses of all ages and discipline back grounds and riders of all ages and abilities. We offer developmentally appropriate foal training as well that focuses on building a strong foundation to build a foals confidence and mental, emotional and physical flexibility.

​Our training here hones the emotional regulation abilities of the horse and entails educating theory, elements, and tools of developing a horse using in the art of dressage through posture work for both horse and rider in hand and under saddle. Posture work entails creating awareness for the horse of their own body and feet while also increasing suppleness and strength to develop the horse into proper self carriage along with maintaining relaxation emotionally, mentally, and physically through gymnastics. An open mind and willingness of the rider/handler is also necessary to create awareness and develop in the same educative manner that is to be required of the horse to effectively and clearly build a partnership based on trust of body, mind and spirit.  

Full Board Training:

We offer full board training only due to a limited number of slots. please inquire to be put on our waitlist and current pricing. 

Training board includes: feed, hay, 24/7 access to turnout/shelter/stall, de-worming, and training 3-7 days a week and handled daily.

Farrier, vet, & supplements are an additional fee.

Lessons: Megan does lessons on farm using her horses, trailer ins welcome and is occasionally available for travel. Prices on farm are $60 per instruction hour.


​Intensive instruction (approximately 4 hours daily on our horses and/or yours): $240

 RV hookup fee: $25 per day 

Mini 1 day clinic(s) (MAX 6 riders):

4 hours: $675 per day

6 hours: $750 per day

FULL clinics (MAX 10 riders per day)

8 hours: $850

*** does NOT include travel fees

*There are some different layout options for the clinics that can be discussed upon inquiry

***we accept check, cash and Zelle***